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Libro ebook Unwanted People, Aviva Chomsky
Autor: Aviva Chomsky
Editorial: U. Valencia
Idioma: Inglés
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ISBN: 9788491344568
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Any d’edició: 2019
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ISBN: 9788491345015
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This collection of essays by historian and activist, Aviva Chomsky, includes work on topics ranging from immigration, to labor history, to popular culture. Chomsky s incisive prose brings the perspective of a historian to bear on current events in a way that adds depth and nuance to topics that are of the utmost importance at this moment in world history. Unwanted People fits into Chomsky s larger project to debunk the mythical history of the United States as a nation of immigrants or a melting pot. Her work uncovers centuries of racially motivated immigration policies that inform the current rhetoric surrounding immigration and displaced peoples. Her essays build on that foundation and expand into new territory. Exploring history as a discipline that works from the ground up rather than from the top down, Chomsky challenges the dominant narratives and gives voice to disenfranchised and unwanted people. Touching on topics from revolutionary violence and race to colonialism and its aftermath, this collection of lucid thoughts reveals the hidden histories of the people who shape our modern political and economic landscape.
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