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Libro ebook Shattered Pictures of Places and Cities in George Santayana's Autobiography, Graziella Fantini
Publisher: U. Valencia
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Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2011
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ISBN: 9788437084701
Shattered Pictures of Places and Cities enters the pages autobiographical, philosophical and most relevant narratives of George Santayana running through his travels and physical geographies parallel to his travels and moral geographies. It is an attempt to go beyond the reflection about the biographical origins of the philosopher, hence recover an inquiry into his living language and art. Santayana reconsider the foundations of classical art of memory in his autobiography, to formulate a new aesthetic in which art and life merge and blur, stimulating each other. Hila a philosophy of travel and place, which favors a notion of inhabiting that illuminates our nomadic condition in life and thought, 'and our stable tragic instability in this world.
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