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Libro ebook Feminism and Dialogics: Charlotte Perkins, Meridel Le Sueur, Mikhail M. Bakhtin, Carolina Núñez Puente
Subtítulo : Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Meridel Le Sueur, Mikhail M. Bakhtin
Editorial: U. Valencia
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What is (so Interesting about) Feminist Dialogics? I would like to start by saying that, succinctly expressed; I see feminism as a form of thought that intends to do away with the subordination of women in multiple ways, one of them being the examination of women s creative potential in literature. Feminism s resourcefulness lies (partly) in its capacity to shelter different feminist perspectives or feminisms, one of which is feminist dialogics. In 1994, Lynne Pearce defined feminist dialogics as a new school of criticism (102). Even though it was Pearce who identified the school, she named Dale M. Bauer as its founder. Quoting from D. M. Bauer s and Jaret McKinstry s introduction to Feminism, Bakhtin and the Dialogic, Pearce summarizes feminist dialogics as a way of thinking that challenges the assumption... of a monolithic or universal feminism ... a way of living that overcomes the public-private split ... an epistemology which, like standpoint theory, believes that context and positionality are all... a new model of pedagogy which shows genders, classes and races in dialogue rather than in opposition ... and most importantly, it is the latest... form of feminist political resistance.
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